Monday, August 6, 2007

Been Thinking

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately: The I35W Minnesota bridge collapse; we just moved to IL from the Twin Cities in May. This bridge was not part of either me or my husband’s daily commute, but we still have friends and family in MN. So far everyone we know is accounted for and was not personally involved with the event. My cousin who works at the “U” sometimes takes that route, but did not on that day thankfully. Jesus; Okay, I haven’t mentioned it before but I belong to Jesus Christ. Most days my heart and mind do too, although I’m still just a sinner living under grace. The reason I decided to write about this is because of two things. The first is that my pastor just returned from a month long sabbatical and his sermon was on his life’s purpose which is to “take as many people to heaven” as he can. His point was that we can’t save people – that’s the Holy Spirit’s job – but we can tell people about what Jesus has done for us and live our lives for Jesus. Which brings me to the second thing; I don’t think I’ve been doing that, and I felt like I needed to work on it - starting with this blog. If I can’t use this to talk about what Jesus has done for me, what else is there? I’m really shy and sometimes I don’t speak up when I know I should. So in the future, if I mention something I’m doing for Christ or something church related, I ask that you dear reader don’t get offended. He is a part of my life that I need to learn to share with others. I promise that anything I do write will be what is on my heart and not intended to preach or offend. I’ll just be doing what the pastor says – telling you what I know. Baseball; Both DH and I are baseball fans… good thing. DH plays on a 38+ Men’s Baseball league msbl/mabl. Sort of the Big-boy Little League. (But you didn’t hear me call it that out-loud). He plays every Saturday between April and September (practically). I always tell him he’s my favorite shortstop besides Derek Jeter … But that’s beside the point . . . Since we have to go to various parts of Milwaukee for the games, the whole day is pretty much spent driving back and forth and playing / watching baseball. This is prime knitting time for me. So you might say I’m a member of the unofficial “Stitch-n-Pitch” club of Milwaukee. His team doesn’t win much, but he has fun and it’s a good motivation to stay in shape. He did hit a triple and score the only run for the team this week. In the real big leagues there was quite a lot of history being made this weekend. We got to see two out of three events on TV. Didn’t watch the Yankees game to see A-Rod hit his 500th homer, but we did see the controversial 755 for Barry Bonds (not one of my favorite players) and enough of the Cubs game to know that Tom Glavine had succeeded in securing his 300th win. Alright, that’s enough babbling on for one post. I promise next post will have more pictures and fewer words. I finished the baby sweater and am in the process of blocking it. I also finished the first sock of my KAL socks and will hopefully be working on my homework for stitches later today.

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