Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finished projects and other thoughts

I heard someone say that she is glad she doesn't have to understand her husband to love him. That's a good thing. My thought was that it's not a part of the marriage vows.... can you imagine, love, honor and understand.... nobody would get married then! Men and women aren't meant to understand eachother.

I finished my August Socks and the baby sweater for Kelly's baby. I'll be sending the gifts off next week when I get back from stitches. I hope she likes them.

Here's a picture of the sweater (didn't have a model so I had to make due with my yarn caddy and a handy ball of yarn) and the finished socks.

Close up of the duckie

The pattern is "Daisy" by Stephanie Pearl McPhee from Knitty, yarn is Stork cotton. I added the duplicate stitch duck with a chart I made up myself. The duckie was a big hit with my knitting group and they asked me to put together the chart. If I can figure out how to post it I will.
The socks are just a basic sock pattern knit in Limbo Mexiko.
I'm headed out to Stitches Midwest tomorrow, I think it will be fun. I'm most looking forward to the cables class with Lilly Chin


bobbi said...

very cute sweater, LOVE THE SOCKS! I'm a sock addict. I like the way you matched them, great job!

nanaknits said...

Here's a link to the chart online: