Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ice Cream

This is what happens when I eat Ice Cream.
The very bad mannered little cat is Zelda. Saucey will sit and wait until I am done, but expects a lick from the spoon before I rinse it. Zelda tried to take the spoon out of my hand....
No new knitting pictures yet. The baby sweater is being blocked. Note WIPs at my feet. Almost done with my August Socks, but have been distracted by procrastination of homework swatches for Stitches Midwest see http://www.knittinguniverse.com/flash/universe.php

1 comment:

Cori said...

Zelda sounds suspiciously like Hannah...aren't cats not supposed to be able to taste sweet things? Why oh why, then, do they go bonkers for ice cream (or, in my case, really anything that comes home in a Sonic cup)?