Monday, August 20, 2007

This is why I get so much knitting done

I’ve always been a big believer in “to do” lists. I got pretty good at it over the years to the point where I pretty much couldn’t function without some sort of list to refer to. That has relaxed some over the last few years since I met my husband who is not such a big write-it-down planner. We’ve reached a sort of compromise where I keep lists to organize what is important to me and everything else we discuss and track mentally or with minimal listing. He does consent to keeping a grocery list – but doesn’t always remember to take it to the store. So this morning I was updating my personal list of projects and things I need to work on and I forced myself to put down one of two organizing scourges that I am deeply ashamed of right now. Let me explain. . .

Lately, I have had a secret fear that Peter Walsh is lurking down the street waiting for my messy rooms to reach critical mass and come in and scold me on national TV (although I wouldn’t mind having Eric drop in ~hunky + crafty). Here is why:

(Office) (Family Room / Craft Area)

You see, we just moved here and I have gotten pretty much most of the house the way I want, but my craft area/family room and the office have pretty much eluded both function and organization. Part of it is that we had to get rid of some furniture in the last two moves and we are slow on figuring out what will fit better into the new rooms. The other part is that it involves sorting and purging paper (yuk!) I am more than capable at doing this and in fact it was a large part of every job I held in the Army. Maybe that is what is making me procrastinate so dang much. Been there done that and all that. I think there is also an emotional element in that the stuff that needs to be gone thru and purged is mostly documents and stuff related to my career and I’m not sure I’m ready to let it go yet. So a major item on my current “to do” or project list is doing something about the mess in these two rooms. I decided to focus on the craft area/ family room this week. Right now as you can see – other than the stuff all over the floor – it is seriously lacking any seating. Seating would be a great thing so that I could sit comfortably and plan my knitting and sewing projects (more lists~!); read a book, knit, listen to music, etc. We have a tentative plan that involves buying my husband a nice chair to replace the one he doesn’t like in the living room and rearranging some other chairs we have. At least that’s the plan we have discussed so far. The rest is just getting the stuff on the floor under control. Some of it consists of pictures that still need to be hung up. The rest is memorabilia and scrap-booking supplies that don’t have a proper home. I’m working on a few ideas for that as well. So my goal this week is to at least get everything off the floor!

The office is another story for another day. Besides I do need some time to knit.

PS: I just snuck a peek at Saucey's list - only two entries - can you guess what?!


Cori said...

Not that I ever wondered where I got my drive for making lists...but it's nice to have some definitive proof of where it comes from! Good luck with the organizing/purge. We've got our own version of that coming up soon as well...

Love you!

bobbi said...

i have a room that i make cards and do some scrapbooking in, and have everything need to do so
i'm a list maker also.
check out my June 4th post.