Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ho Hum Tuesday

Boy it seems like this week is sort of limping along already. I did not get as much knitting done over the weekend as I would have liked. Something about having to keep DH company prevents me from working steadily. Yesterday we had a few connectivity problems with the computer and I also discovered that the computer and I have been having unsafe internet. So I spent a most of yesterday afternoon and evening working on restoring the internet and installing the anti-virus software we bought with the software bundle when we got this computer a year ago! Yikes, no viruses detected, but to THINK!

I am making progress on the tank top though. All that is left to do is the back. Maybe this little heat wave will stick around long enough for me to wear it once as a “summer top.” Anyway, I figure it will also look cute under a jacket. I did get a couple of the “swatch” baby hats done. Anyone care to guess which patterns I tried out (grey and pink only)?
Zelda’s ears are looking much better and I think she will probably get a good report when she goes in for a follow up with the vet next week. She definitely seems to be hearing better too. Saucey is getting a little jealous of both the attention Zelda has been getting and my knitting … can you tell?
Today was my errand and housecleaning day, so I haven’t actually looked at my knitting yet. Hopefully I can get some done tonight.

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