Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2 boxes of Kleenex later…Ambition!

Well, I am feeling slightly better than yesterday. I was able to sit up and drink coffee this morning. (ha, ha). Truly much more energy today though. And happily, the runny nose has stopped and the fever has left. I’m still hoarse and I think the cough will hang around a day or two more. I guess I’m in good company, my Mom and DD #2 were also sick last week/weekend. One of the joys of the changing of the season, I guess. Between allergies and fluctuating temps I can never seem to get thru fall or spring without some kind of cold or bout of sinusitis. Sigh. I did regain enough energy in the evening yesterday to finish the purse. It is just waiting to be felted, now. As the pattern promised it really is a quick knit. I’ll post a picture once it is felted. Next up, I’ll probably cast on for another 76-stitch hat with some more scrap yarn this afternoon and I think I better work on my Christmas stocking, just so I can get the silly thing done. Also, I’m thinking I want to work on either my vest kit or my mitered-T project. Beyond that, I’ll be evaluating my queue and project list to decide what gets added to my ‘to do’ list. November socks will probably be something mindless just so I can get them done. (I have 4 balls of SWS planned for socks and they knit up really quick, so that would be two pair for November if I can get both of them done, especially since they are going to be gifts). I made a pair for myself last year and wore them the other day when we went to see the alpaca’s and they were comfy and warm. Perfect for a fall outing. I guess with that said, I better get knitting!

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Jodi said...

Hope you're all better soon! SWS socks sounds lovely for lounging around the house. Do you have a favorite pattern? I love all the new SWS solid colors.