Monday, October 1, 2007

Festival and WIPs

We had a busy weekend! The weather was beautiful which helped immensely. We got up and went out to breakfast Saturday morning and then drove up to WI for the Harvest Moon Farm festival (more here). It was actually more of a rabbit show with a few distractions thrown in. There were LOTS of rabbits, goat, sheep, even a couple of cute kittens, a puppy, some spinners and a giant kaleidoscope. Not much else, but we found it charming. We saw a few knitters too. Mary, Sherry, Lynn and Lynn from my Weds Morning Koffee Klatch group checked it out, too.

(Picture L-R, Mary, Sherry and Me)

Since it was such a nice day, we really didn’t mind getting out and about and stopped at an orchard for apples on the way home~ got a bag of honey crisp apples, some yummy cider, a jar of cherry preserves and some homemade caramels; double yum. (I plan on baking apple cake tonight for DH).

I poked around some in ravelry, but only got some of my books entered and a shaky start on my projects. Like I said before, I’ll be taking it in baby steps.

Oh, and I knit, too. I started the Christmas present for SD#2, cast on and worked the ribbing for surf socks (same as tidal pool, different color yarn), and I swatched, and cast on socks for HSS pal. Whew!
Saucey says: “pet me or no blogging today!”

Zelda says: “hey, how come she always gets to blog?”

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