Monday, October 22, 2007

Lack of motivation trying to find a purpose

Today is a coffee-swilling, newspaper reading; lay around like a cat kind of day. Cool and cloudy outside. No sort of day for going out. I decided it might be a good day to spend planning. My goals for this week:

1) sort and purge two containers of files from office (make that one as of post time!)
2) finish surf sock #2
3) sew purse that I cut out pieces for 3 weeks ago
4) help hubby finish bathroom redo (paint, mirror, towel racks)
5) Finish reading book club book before book club meeting

This cartoon clipping that I found in the files I went thru about sums up the day (my scanner isn't that great - you might have to click- it-to-make-it-bigger to read it).

The cats just did this:




Watch out Saucey, Zelda's gaining on you!


bobbi said...

and it's still raining!

sharon said...

it is still raining (or started here late last night to catch up with you)
As I am home today, I am going to try to hook up the camera so I can send you a pic of the sock in progress. I love the pattern, but the yarn is not quite what I expected for knitting with.
Have a great day