Friday, October 19, 2007

My bathroom exploded...

Or, a cautionary tale about leaving your man home alone…

I went out this morning to do my volunteer office work at church; and came home to find this:

Actually, I knew this was going to happen. My husband has wanted to tackle this job for some time and finally took a day off work to do it.

The plan:
1) replace vanity for one with more storage
2) replace sink top to go with new vanity (old sink will replace damaged one in bathroom #2 – on another day)
3) put in new faucet to match updated lights and (eventually) towel racks
4) Eventually (not today, they have to be custom ordered) replace shower doors

The reality:
1) take out old vanity
2) discover new vanity is slightly taller than old one
3) Take mirror off wall; decide to replace it. (woo hoo! I never liked it any way, now I get a new one!)
4) Make huge mess all over the place
5) Chase cat out of bathroom repeatedly
6) Install new vanity
7) Realize plumbing will have to be adjusted to fit properly
8) Make several trips to home improvement center for plumbing parts, advice, new tools; to return other parts, more parts, etc
9) Install faucet and re-hook plumbing
10) Develop new plan to replace mirror, paint and install new towel racks (on another day and with several more trips to HIC of course).

I will eventually have a very nice bathroom. It might take a few more days and trips to the store...

Is there some secret that I don’t know about these hardware/home improvement centers that puts them up there with yarn shop addiction?

Anyhow, I’ve developed a mini-case of startitis and now have 3 separate projects OTN:

Surf sock (still)(sorry the paltry progress is not even picture worthy);
heart sachet (new);

Christmas stocking (off list, on needles)

I think I’ll blame the startitis on knitting daily’s poll about UFO’s (I seem to be lacking in this department – I could only come up with 1.5 projects besides my WIP). (Oh, and the free sachet pattern didn't help much either).

And of course there is still plenty more yarn for knitting hats for charity.

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