Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quickie Update

There’s something to be said for project monogamy – well at least if you’re working on something with a deadline… The second surf sock is starting to take shape. I have been cruising along pretty much. Except for the 5 or so rows that I had to tink, reknit, tink again and finally decide to go with the pattern even though I still didn’t think it looked right. I compared the same section to 1st sock and it looked the same. Don’t know what it is with that section of the pattern, but when I’m in the cable row … it just doesn’t look right. So, I’m getting there. Progress on the office is: 1 container down, 1 file reorganized, 1 pile of shredding done. Just for a treat and a break, I went and visited a major retailer down the road and found this today. Don’t you think it makes a cute holder for a sock in progress? Yup, I checked… it’s the exact same size as my small yarntainer and guess what?! Yup, the lids are interchangeable… oh the possibilities. I didn’t get any reading done on the book club book, but I did also buy the CD that is part of the story…more on that later. I'm going on a care team visit with DH and I don't have much time to post this afternoon. crud... blogger won't let me post photos right now. I promise to add them as soon as we get home.

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