Friday, October 5, 2007

What did you do before Ravelry? (warning: picture heavy post)

I may be telling you TMI here, but I wanted to talk about how you manage your projects stash, etc. Old School vs. Ravelry. Here’s what I’ve been using up ‘til I got my ravelry invite.

1. Just plain notebook with lined and graph paper (9x6 binder). I prefer a binder style so I can add and remove pages as I need to. Also I have some great little document protectors that I picked up at a craft store that are just the right size for my notebook. This goes everywhere my knitting goes.

2. Blank book for saving labels, small swatches and other notes about finished projects; this one is a composition notebook which is smaller, but gives ample space for pasting labels, etc.

3. Binders or document organizers to keep copies and notes about patterns I’d like to make, patterns I’ve made and other tips and techniques.

I also have several satellites to the 3 general books above. A small spiral notebook that also doubles as my all around list book (which replaced my formal planner after I retired); another 3 ring notebook that houses all of the pattern notes and things from the notebook I carry around with me once a project is complete, this one also has some older projects and pictures of really ancient projects from the BC (before computer) years; and A basket that holds all the magazines with patterns I’m thinking about.

Of course for those of you who have been invited and initiated into the wonderful world of ravelry (WWR), you know that ravelry has all the same features and so much more.
I don't think I'll immediately abandon my notebooks system, because I'm a tactile person and I like to be able to jot notes as I think of them and also sketch things out when I get ideas - also as my family can attest to; I have a slight paper addiction.

So, lest you think I haven't been knitting, here are two project updates:

The felted bag knitting is done, it just needs to go in the wash machine and then finish the closure on the front flap.

the HSS sock is prgressing nicely; I got additional measurements from my pal so I can move confidently forward and hopefully finish it this weekend.

And finally, since this is what goes on around here every day about this time, here are what the cats are up to: (hint think kitchen floor sharks... )

Rough translation: "FEED ME"

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