Monday, November 12, 2007

Basket Making and Finished Socks

Whew! Having my DH around an extra day this weekend is like work. Saturday was all about him. I love him dearly, but he expects me to entertain him sometimes. I got all my pics uploaded yesterday, but he started protesting the lack of attention due to me being on the computer, so I didn’t get a chance to post anything. This morning we got the car serviced and went out to breakfast which was nice. Then we walked around the mall some to work off the breakfast and looked at all the sales.

We had lots of fun basket making. My one friend didn’t make it down because her husband surprised her by coming home on his 2 week leave from his tour on Iraq. We voted on it and decided that was the one excuse that we’d let her get away with. Nonetheless, even DH got into the action at the basket making because our consultant let him make her basket so she could take pictures of everyone else making theirs. The basket actually has handles, but I took this picture before the handles got added and got too busy shopping after. (got some great stuff for gifts!) I'll have to post another better one later.

On the knitting front, I finished the SWS socks and snail hat. The SWS Socks came out with more of the tan than pink. I probably should have knit from the outside of the ball where all the pink was. Oh, well, they are still pretty.
I don’t have a picture of the snail hat since I just finished it last night while the Colts gave it up to San Diego. I decided I probably won’t do anymore of that snail hat pattern because it requires too much paying attention and since I’m trying to make at least 20 hats, that means no fiddly patterns.

Did I mention “entertaining” my DH is basically sitting and watching sports with him? I don’t mind baseball so much, but football and basketball….eeeh.
Right now he’s watching old war movies. I think his lack-o-attention meter will expire in about 20 minutes.

So for those who served our country…. Thank you. If you know someone who served or see someone in uniform-Thank them.

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