Friday, November 2, 2007

Just a short post

Forgive me for not being wordy and bright today. This cold is still hanging around and after spending the morning at work and a good chunk of the afternoon at the VA doing registration and stuff… well, I’m pooped. Plus, I still have to pay bills before supper.

So, here’s one more finished item: (the project list be dwindl’n’)
This is my re-knitted Christmas stocking. Originally knitted circa 1996, re-knit to correct some criminally rookie sock-maker mistakes. Much happier now


The pattern was the “Family Socks” pattern from the Homespun Hand Knit book by IK. The only real mod is that I exaggerated the length of the leg and didn’t have to knit it to fit a foot. The yarn is some sparkly holiday acrylic I picked up who-knows-where a long time ago. Labels long gone! Here’s one with its “mate”

I just had a thought that made me giggle; last year between Veteran’s day and Mid-December I knit 23 unique mini-Christmas socks (for my co-workers). Not a feat I’d care to repeat. I guess doing just this one wasn’t so bad after all.

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