Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today's subject is Toilet Paper

I started an Elfin Hat (IK Fall 2007 issue) and the grey SWS socks on Tuesday. I have no progress pictures yet, but both projects are well underway. I had a lot of errands after knitting yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to do much with the camera or computer. I did find a great knitting tip online though go here for more information. Warning: Public Service Rant ahead…. Do you ever get the feeling that you had been assigned some sort of task in life beyond your normal job, etc? I’m talking about something mundane, that you notice while others around you seem entirely oblivious. Maybe it’s actually just a “mom” thing. Mine is toilet paper rolls. I have a knack for picking every public/semi-public restroom with no paper on the roll (which is one reason I carry a pack of tissue in my purse). This happens at work (well it used to), church, small businesses, etc. I worked in one office where this was especially bad. The bathroom had two stalls and the office was staffed by 75% women employees- nurses no less, and I still experienced this on a daily basis! It’s bad enough to sit down and see no paper; but the thing I find that really drives me especially buggy is when you go into a bathroom and the brand new roll of TP is just perched pretty-as-you-please on top of the old used-up roll in the holder. I’m not talking about the big giant industrial size TP. I’m talking about single roll dispensers here. Now come on, REALLY, would YOU do this at home? It just mystifies me why anyone would do that. My thought is that the person before me, or perhaps even the bathroom attendant / cleaning person had enough resourcefulness to get another roll and bring it into the stall, but for some reason stopped right there. Why stop the play a yard short of a touchdown? There really aren’t any anti-toilet paper-replacing linebackers who are going to tackle you for actually putting it on the spindle! I mean really how hard is it? Open the holder, pull off the old roll, put the new one on; zip, zip, zip! You’re done! You have not been contaminated any additional amount, held up the next person or held yourself up from your important business more than 2 seconds worth of goodness. Then, you can wash your hands, fix your hair/make-up, as usual SMILE and exit the restroom, knowing you have left it a nicer place for the next person. (WHEW!) Having gotten that off my chest, I feel a little better now. Terminator Thursday updates: To do list items completed: 1) Purge grey file box and sort papers to keep 2) Collect all Army papers into one spot (for later sorting) 3) Vacuum stairs (eew, much cat hair) Things to work on after this: 1) Make gift tag ornament for Elaine (in ‘stash’ since at least 2003) 2) Finish Elf hat 3) Finish at least one grey sock

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