Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What ever happened to Monday?

Did everyone else get kind of whammied by the time change or is it just me? I had fully intended to post yesterday, but there was knitting, then DH wanted to go to the mall and walk since it was too cold and windy to run out side and he really needed to stretch his legs, then he needed the computer, then dinner and phone calls and TV and all of a sudden it’s bedtime (as evidenced by hubby sleeping in his recliner and the cats circling the bowls for night time feeding). (Him, waking up slightly; “It’s time for bed” Me: “just one more row!”) But over the weekend and yesterday I did knit and sew and do crafty things so I now advance this hypothesis:

The cure for “Startitis”….

Is “finishitis” ‘git-er-done’ ‘just do it’, and all that; completion. So here’s what’s on the needles and what’s now done:

1) SWS socks #1 - (I plan on making a second pair in another colorway when these are done). Easy peasy basic sock with fancy-shmancey rib stitch (okay K2, p1, k1, p1) cuff and foot
2) Mitered T (Knitter’s Spring 2007) – swatched and blocking
3) Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Snail Hat (another PADS hat) (no pic as nothing much to show yet)

76-Stitch Hat #2
Sidekick Purse
(non-knitting) Tote/purse This was the purse I mentioned in a previous post that I forgot to cut handles for. Turns out, I also forgot that if I was going to put a zipper in, then the said zipper needed to be the right size. So, forgoing a trip to the fabric store, It is now more totelike than pursey, but I like the way it came out and it's a bit classier than most of my totes. Medium size; Faux suede; fully lined; interior pockets. What's not to love?
On a sadder note, my DD #1 had a sad event this weekend when her sweet kitty Hanna died. ** Hugs ** Please send good and cheerful thoughts to her.

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sharon said...

I know what happened to monday = didn't like it. HOwever, I have only to do up the toe on the ILG sock. I am a 6.5 so I am adding a couple more rows before I close it up. Guess I should be thanking the pox.