Monday, December 10, 2007

The Decorating is done…

Right down to the cat. (hee, hee)… actually, she didn’t like it much, so I took it off, but doesn’t she look pretty?
The thing that slowed me down with putting up the decorations is that after moving so many times, I find myself with boxes of many decorations, but no clue how they will go up in the current space. It takes a while to sort thru things and figure out exactly how to arrange it all so it doesn’t look like a total eclectic mess. I finally got things put up in a way I like. I ended up not putting up any lights due to the abundance of snow outside and we opted out of a big tree, so I just have one table top and one mini up this year (in different areas). I got a little sad for a few minutes when I opened my box of ornaments because there are so many memories of Christmas past there, but then I remembered that they were just that; only memories and the spirit of Christmas wasn’t in the ornaments, but in why we celebrate the season. Sometimes I need to remember that.

Hoodie II is progressing and I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully there will be no more detours from the knitting schedule once it’s done. I have 3 or 4 hats to get done before Sunday.

If tomorrow isn’t as gray as today was (and blogger cooperates) maybe I can get a few pictures of the Christmas decorations. I plan on taking them anyway so that next year I can remember what goes where and get it done faster.

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