Monday, December 3, 2007

Safe and Warm

We survived the weekend. On Saturday we got this: Which wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been; snow, but not as much ice as was forecast; it rained on Sunday, it wasn’t warm enough to melt the snow, but it didn’t get quite cold enough to freeze everything, either – now we just have crunchy snow.

Zelda tested it out for us and reported it to be uninviting

Saucey stayed in.

Oh, and I got this:
my swap package from the Harvest Sock Swap. My partner Sharon made the “I Love Gansey Sock” in a nice sage green color. She also tucked in several other nice goodies. Some yummy sock yarn from the "a swell yarn shp" site and another pattern called Falling Leaves; some leaf shaped chocolate and a cool little tote bag that comes all folded up inside a little mini-tote. Perfect for keeping in my purse so when I go to the store for just a couple items I can use it instead of taking home another plastic bag.

On the knitting front, the hoodie is almost: That is it’s a complete sweater minus the hood and pocket. With gauge issues behind me, this turned out to be a very quick knit. The only part of the pattern I changed was that I knitted it mostly in the round instead of flat as the pattern calls for. I switched to working back and forth for the raglan shaping only because of using two colors. I worked the color sections like intarsia. Otherwise in one color I would have just worked in the round right up to the neck shaping. Hopefully I’ll have a finished picture to post in the next day or so.

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sharon said...

It fits - it looks as good on yours as on mine!!!
Am so glad you like them and your hoodie is miles ahead of my holiday knitting. I think I will have to blog less.