Thursday, December 20, 2007

They’re Agitating!

The purses are in the wash machine being felted as I type! Here’s the before:
Stasi’s Jeff Gordon Special:

Debbie’s Fair-Isle Booga:
Close-up of Fair Isle pattern:

The worst part was knitting the miles of I-cord for the handles (not pictured for booga bag). But it feels good to be at this point today.
Obviously I’ll have to wait to post the "after" pictures another day or so, ( once they are completely done) but I’m happy with the so-far results.
Thankfully getting these into the machine today puts me right where I want to be with my gift-knitting schedule. One more small item; ½ of one sock and room to spare for any last minute things! Whew~! I can breathe again.

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Karen said...

Can't wait to see them all felted - it's always so fun to see the after shots. :) Great job on your gift knitting. Alas, I'm off to finish up some slippers for my brother's size 11 (!!) feet. They should have been in the mail by now . . . but that's what he gets for having such big feet!!