Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where I am… (or where am I?)

Whew, I got hat number 17 (earflap hat) done and thought I was done with number 18 (another "mushroom cap"), too. Well, that is I finished it last night except for the weaving in of ends. I had grand plans of doing that this morning and then casting on number 19. I knitted away blissfully all day yesterday thinking that this hat was going to be just about perfect. Silly girl! I noticed it seemed a tad on the big side when I bound off, but put it down and went to bed thinking maybe it was just because I was tired and I’d double check the size in the morning. Good thing I didn’t weave in any ends! It wasn’t just a tad on the big side… it was sasquatch size! Gargantuan! Huge with a capital XL. So, I did what I knew I had to do… Yep! Ribbit, to the frog pond I went. No pics of the offensive thing. But here’s a start on the redo and the second hat I had planned on casting for (76 st hat), yep, I’m taking up multi-tasking to make up for lost time due to hoodie tragedy and hat overestimation. So, this being Thursday, I should have had plenty of time for knitting and other things that needed to be finished up, WRONG! The car’s engine was making a loud sound whenever we drove it, so it had to go to the shop for a look-see; the shop is right across the street from the Mall so I figured I could get a little last minute shopping done while I waited and I did bring one of the hats with in case it took longer than the shopping. Good thing. The car’s still in the shop and could be another day. (Won’t even mention the too big repair bill too close to Christmas). Let’s just say I did get a good section of the hat knit, got a little shopping done. (Why are they always out of the size you need?) At least the gifts that need to be mailed are ready … just need to get them wrapped and into mailing boxes... this afternoon. I can do it! Oh, yeah, and I still have to fix the tree that Zelda has been trying to dismantle one ornament at a time.

Wait; did I mention the mouse? It seems we might have a mouse living in our storage area. Fortunately it’s closed off from the rest of the house (at least we hope the mouse can’t open the door). So my husband not being much with animals has put me in charge of (buying and) setting the traps. Ewww.

Well, I better get busy; I’ll try to do a hat update tomorrow after things settle down.

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