Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Rambles……

Four years ago today, I had the privelege of being with my daughter when my first grandson was born! Wasn’t he a cutie…? Ahem, still is! (Happy Birthday Big Boy Eli!) Time sure flies.....

The Jaywalker socks are progressing slower than hoped, but striping very nicely. I had to do a few adjustments to make the pattern work for my size. (That ol’ gauge thang again don’cha know)

(The color in this pic clearly doesn't do this yarn justice). Hopefully I'll get one bright day before I finish them.

The Mitered T is also showing signs of progress. This one has been hanging around for a little bit, but my goal is to complete it in Jan. I have the base for the front and the back done and now need to pick up the stitches that form the sides and knit those up (and around). Here’s what they look like so far. I love the Colinette yarn. Part of me hopes there’ll be enough left over for matching socks (Tee, Hee).

Oh and if you live anywhere in the path of the extreme cold being forecast, stay warm. (Just another good excuse to stay in and knit!)

And if you are having a long weekend like my DH, I hope it is a free-to-knit (or whatever other activity you enjoy) weekend!

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eph2810 said...

Your grandson is cute :) Yes time flies and before you know it they are all grown up.

I love the color purple on your jaywalker socks.

Have a blessed week.