Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just a Little Whimsey

I’ve been thinking lately about the personalities of pets. I think most people who have had any contact with animals and most pet owners would agree that each pet displays a distinct personality. My cats are definitely individuals. I was further wondering though, if pets have a self image the way people do. You know how people tend to see themselves one way, while others generally think of them a completely different way. I think Saucey has a self-image of being a wholesome, innocent sweet girl, like Dorothy Gale and there are times that is true, but most of the time I see her as a little more rigid and obsessed kind of the Church_Lady of the cat world. Zelda on the other hand, is a little harder to read. She’s still young and we haven’t had her very long. She acts fearless and I suspect she has sort of an Ellen Ripley complex going on. DH on the other hand is still trying to convince me that she is some sort of scary monster kitty. (Of course Saucey just thinks she's Satan.)Anyway, it’s fun to anthropomorphize the kitties and guess which of our human friends, acquaintances or celebrities they are most like.

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