Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back Home

We are back at home and DH is “processing” as they say. Losing his Dad was not an unexpected event, but we weren’t expecting it quite so soon after the last visit. We’re very glad we made the trip Easter weekend, though. Both DH and I enjoy short trips but the car travel really gets to us after a while. I think 3 trips in 3 weeks might be pushing our limit. The cats were extremely happy when we showed up Friday night. I have to admit yesterday was a bit out-of-focus. We’ve got a little catching up to do around the house (and for DH) at work. Other than that we’re doing okay.

I got a bit of knitting done and have a couple other projects to show off tomorrow as well.
The vest is ready for the work on the back to begin. It was hard to photograph this part very well. The triangles form the front, back and sides of the bottom of the vest. The back will be knit where the two triangles meet and the fronts will be on the outside of each triangle….
You just have to use your imagination at this point.

The socks are past the heel turn and ready for the legs to start; sorry it's kind of an icky picture. I'm sure they'll look more sock-like in the next update.

Since the blog has been pretty somber and boring the last couple of entries, I thought I’d share the latest Zelda adventure. We had a pile of stuff collected and ready to go out for recycling this morning and were finishing up the Sunday paper to add to the pile when we heard a commotion in the hall… there was Zelda scooting across the floor half in/ half out of an empty soda carton. I tried to get a picture but she popped out before the camera was ready and slunk off downstairs doing the kitty version of muttering under her breath. I think by her posture it was a mix of surprise and humiliation. Anyway I figured the opportunity was lost. But apparently not… because about ten or so minutes later, here’s what I saw…

I was surprised she did it again, but since she survived the first time she must have reasoned that it was sort of a neat little cave or something! Anyhow, this time I got the proof! The cat is positively goofy!

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sharon said...

Welcome back, sorry about father-in-law. May God be with you as you help DH 'process' - that's an interesting way to put it.
Lovely knitting and it looks like your cats are as crazy as my gurlz.