Monday, March 31, 2008

Multi-Topic Monday

First: It’s the official opening day of baseball, I thought I’d mention that the Cubs did play the Brewers at home on a rainy-cool Chicago spring day. The score is still tied 0-0 as I write this… and I hear Mr. Cub leading the 7th inning stretch…. (root, root, root) … St. Louis opens against the Rockies a little later today …so you’ll have to check the sports page for the outcomes.

Next! The knitting progresses on the diagonal delight vest, many garter stitch stripes in a chevron formation. I have about 1.5” knit so far – not very picture worthy yet. No more work on the socks lately.

Next! This arrived in the mail today:
Things I learned From Knitting. And I’m going to go to a book signing later this month, WooHoo!

Next! We picked out the new flooring to replace the original carpeting in our living room/dining room area today. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

And last, but not least... There will be knitting updates tomorrow on non-bloggable projects.

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Natalie said...

Surfed my way over from Ravelry! I see you got the latest Yarn Harlot book!! I'm going to her book launch for that book tonight! Can't wait. Hope you're enjoying the book! (but I'm sure you are!) You have a lovely blog with adorable grandchildren!!