Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little Accounting… Math, That Is

24… pairs. I did a little stash review and discovered I have enough sock-weight yarn to knit at least 24 pairs of socks. There were a couple of odd skeins in there as well, so I might be able to get 25 or 26 if I get creative. Now, I’m not admitting to a problem or anything here, it’s just that I was curious. My friend “H” from knitting group (who is also a huge enabler- but we won’t talk about all the ways I can be enabled) was telling me about trying to get her WIP problem under control. She’s not allowing herself to start any more new projects until she crosses four (!) WIPs off her list. Now, I’ve been known to be more of a one-project-at-a-time type myself, but I must confess I cast on for another one yesterday. That takes my current WIP count to 3; the diagonal delight vest; the earl grey socks and now the Branching Out scarf. It’s just the time of year when it gets hard for me to focus so having several different things to work on seems right. But as for my sock yarn, I think I will let “H” enable me in a positive way. I’m going to resist buying any new sock yarn until I go to the Fiber and Folk Festival in July. Reason 1, that gives me a couple of months for knitting socks – I’ll try to knit 2 pair each in May and June. Reason 2, is I know that one of my favorite sock yarn sellers will be a vendor there and as hard as it is to resist online, I will be helpless in person. But maybe I’ll only take cash with me when I go (Bwah, ha, ha) Well, it isn’t a promise or a declaration. Just a goal… I’ll let you know if I succeed. (you see there is some Claudia's that has been waving and winking at me in the shop…)

So... just to distract you from any thoughts of calling in the sock-yarn-addiction crisis intervention’s a peek at Branching Out. The first 6 repeats anyway:

(BTW, and the heel flap is done and gusset stitches picked up on the first earl grey; and I have cast on for the second).

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Karen said...

Sock yarn is so tempting and way too easy to buy - isn't it? Stay strong - I know you can resist any more until July!