Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uh, Just… Tuesday

So, I’m not too creatively inspired today. I taught back-to-back classes last night which were both fun, but my brain is somewhat mushy right now.

Saucey and I just got back from her annual trip to the vet (vet says she's a-ok), she isn't too happy about the shot she recieved, so she’s off pouting somewhere and I’m goofing off on the computer.

Now here's something sure to thrill you.... Over the weekend I rearranged my sock drawer since I just washed most of my hand knit socks. Here’s the hand knit section minus a couple of pairs… At some point there will only be room for hand knit socks in my drawer… (insert “evil I-have-a-plan” laugh) Or is it that there won't be any more room in the drawer because of all the hand knit socks?

Knitting progresses... I’m still alternating work on the same three projects; but nothing too exciting to show off. Yet, somehow, I still have the desire to cast on for two more…. Yipes!

Our meet-up tonight is at the shop I work at, so maybe I’ll take my camera so there’s something more interesting to post tomorrow. I’ll at least take a picture of the class sock!

That's about it here... happy Tuesday!


KnitNana said...

Oooh! Pretties!

Susan said...

Oh I love socks! That's my goal, too, only handknit socks in my drawer.