Monday, July 14, 2008

No Cigar for Me

I came close to my knitting goal for the weekend, but fell just short of finishing the Mis-matched Socks. I tried, but bed-time arrived and I just didn’t make it. While I actually finished the knitting, there is still the grafting and weaving in of ends… So, close… but … I’ll graft toes and weave in the ends later today.

I did finish the skinny stripes and in a fit of addiction, I immediately cast on another pair with the leftover yarn … I think these will be relegated to be an on-the-go knitting project though, because I really need to work on other things. They really are fun though! And speaking of close, I tried to get the colors to match on these and I got close…
really close… but not quite exact!

Next up, the Bamboo tee, finishing my Summertime Shell… and maybe I’ll just put some pattern names into a hat and pull one out!

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