Monday, July 28, 2008

The Shot with Me Wearing It!

Okay, not a very original post title, but hey, it's Monday!

As promised...
Here’s a picture of me wearing the Purple Passion / Summertime Shell (please disregard amateur model with wet hair…professional models are expensive!)

In other knitting, I have several things OTN, but nothing close to finishing. I didn’t get much knitting time (or time for much else) last week because I worked additional days at the shop while the owner took a much deserved vacation. Things will hopefully get back to normal this week. Not much knitting happened this weekend either. I had to play a little catch up around the house plus spend some time with DH who was feeling neglected because of the previously mentioned extra work shifts.

When I did finally get to knit, I had planned to make enough progress on my t-shirt to post a picture today, but last night’s knitting amounted to negative progress when I had to frog back about ten rows due to missing an increase in every increase row (that’s 5 missing stitches if you’re counting). Sheesh! What else could I do?

So, instead, you’ll have to settle for yet another pair of socks in progress… these are the second pair from the Noro sock yarn. I’m still having fun making these stripes. The way these colors are mixing, I probably should have called these socks the Sunrise/ Sunset Quartet since that's what comes to my mind when you put the two pair together…
Oh, and unbelievable as this may seem, there is one or two colors in the yarn that don't show up in the socks! AND! I think I may have enough yarn left for a small pair of anklets or maybe a pair of funky socks for my grandson… we’ll see.

Reminder! Don’t forget to cast your vote for the grey/ knit picks shimmer or the Purple / Mini-maiden for the swallow tail shawl. Drawing is this Thursday

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Ooohh, it looks really great on!!