Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stitches Midwest Report

I had a nice time. I checked out the free fashion show, attended a class, and of course checked out the market. I really didn’t have too much that I needed to buy, so I enjoyed looking around the market mostly to see what is new, to check out gadgets and books and of course feel-up as much yarn as possible. I stayed with my wish list as far as purchases went. I made one substitution for an item I couldn’t find, and I bought one item left over from the Midwest Fiber and Folk fest list (the vendor had a better selection this time). There were several items that I will be giving serious consideration and possibly putting on my wish list for Christmas. I also WON a prize at the banquet which was cool and received a lovely parting gift just for attending. Since posting pictures of each individual would make both blogger and I crazy, I’ll just give you an overview. There are also a few freebies in this pic! Clockwise from top: Interlacements sock kit(Door prize), 2 skeins of yarn& pattern; Yarnzone sample; Creatively Dyed Yarn 100% Merino fingering; free patterns; Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn; Heartland Knits Fanning the flames sock pattern; XRX Guy Knits (parting gift); Addi Turbo Lace needles size 4/47”; Debbie McComber Twenty Wishes (autographed); amazing wall of stash yarn samples; SWTC Bag (underneath) and sample skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. the only thing not in this picture is: Debra’s Garden Spiral Needle gauge… isn’t that the coolest thing ever? It can be worn as a pendant, attached to a key ring, used as a zipper pull, whatever it takes to keep it handy! (and it’s purple!) My Class was excellent. The instructor Candace Eisner Strick was enlightening and entertaining. She introduced us to several different ways to intentionally put holes in knitting to create different pattern effects, here’s my swatches: Clockwise from top left: Zauberglockhen (little magic bells); The Strick hole; Fluct Nach Kenilworth / one row buttonhole (on same swatch) and Kleeblatt (cloverleaf) .
I’m sure I’ll find uses for a couple of these techniques! I came home tired, but filled to the brim with information and having made several new knitting acquaintances while getting a chance to chat and catch up with a few previous ones. To borrow a phrase “Too much good stuff… “

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another FO!

Yeah, got the August socks done. Now I can devote more time to the T-shirt (hee, hee). Or maybe I'll be too busy at stitches tomorrow! I'm getting more antsy by the minute, can you tell?
So, you want to see a picture? Everyone at knit-night really loved this yarn. I can only tell you if you like the picture you would love them even more in person. I had to wait until the sun came back out today to take pictures and even then, it's hard to see all the colors. Here's a close up...
No fancy-pants pattern this time. Just some plain stockinette stitch socks to better show off the pretty yarn (and the whole pair) Koigu KPPPM (P126) knit with size 2.50 mm needles on 60 stitches; eye-of –partridge heel.
Happy Knitting!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a Preview

The Secret Prayer Swap socks are done, but the swap isn’t officially finished until September 1st, so this is all I can show you right now:

(Bright!) The August socks are coming along nicely as well; I got past the heel and gussets last night and hope to finish these by tomorrow …

(it's a shame I couldn't get this picture to turn out better, these spirals are much prettier in person!) The Blue T-shirt is plodding along, and will probably end up being my take along project for Stitches on Saturday. That is unless I’m too busy shopping and meeting other knitters to knit! (LOL). Tonight is meet-up so who knows what I’ll get done there! Happy knitting!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diary of a Mad Knitter

Weds Morning Knit beginning of toe shaping for August socks (approx 2”) Weds Night Knit beginning of toe shaping for Secret Prayer Swap (SPS) socks (approx 1.5”) Thursday afternoon Think to self “August sock foot looks short” measure, try on, realize toe will be 1.5” too short, frog, reknit 1.5” before beginning of toe shaping, put away in disgrace. Take out SPS sock, think to self “this foot looks short, too” double check partner’s foot measurement info, gasp! Sock will be 2” too short, attempt to frog back to end of pattern without getting into pattern stitches. Frog one row too far, pick up stitches carefully, start knitting again in pattern, knit 6 rows of pattern, put away in disgrace. Stop to help prepare car for shipping to SD#2 (long story, don’t ask). Go to work. Thursday (after work) Knit additional pattern repeat begin toe shaping (again), finish toe, put aside and cast on for sock #2, finish ribbing and start pattern. Friday AM Sit in clinic waiting room for 2 plus hours with non-stop Olympic coverage of women’s gymnastic win and men’s swimming achievements. Read book; head hurts from lack of caffeine/repetitious Olympic babble. Finish book, bug receptionist about why-am-I-still waiting? Finally get called back to start test. Get injection, back to waiting room to wait for effects… pull out SPS sock, find difficult to knit because of headache, work a couple rounds, wait more, watch more Olympic coverage… finish test, go to lunch… get coffee finally! Friday afternoon Wait for hubby to finish work in quiet office with NO Olympic coverage. Headache finally subsided; work on SPS sock until time to leave. Stop by car lot on way home to review number’s one and two on short list. Discuss options; decide maybe need to test-drive number three. Friday PM Blue T-shirt calls out in sad, neglected voice from knitting basket work on it for a few rounds. Put aside to work on SPS socks. Watch really awesome finish to Cubs game, check in on Olympics, and go to bed Saturday (all day) Eat breakfast out at Wildberry's (pancakes Yum!); Look at more cars at different lots. Review prices of cars on short list. Stop and have coffee. Spend lots of time on decision making; work on SPS sock while discussing, think number three is best all around, but need to drive first, head out to finalize decision. Test drive car; this is the one. Do financials; work on SPS sock while waiting. Drive old car home while hubby drives new car home. Collapsed until after dinner. Saturday PM Finish up 3rd repeat on SPS sock, but stop knitting to watch Olympics – who can knit with competition like that? Sunday afternoon Church in the Park / softball – Have great fellowship time and picnic, pull out SPS Socks to knit; realize that it is time to start heel, but pattern is at home. Put aside, work on Blue T-shirt. Sunday evening Tired of SPS socks and Blue T-shirt, worked on ribbing of August socks (sock #2) Monday no knitting in morning or afternoon, need to do chores and get ready for work. Monday Evening (after work) Worked heel flap of SPS sock #2 Tuesday AM Realize haven't posted blog or taken pictures in almost a week, knitting progress is negligible, but inching forward. Hope to have pictures and finish something soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well it feels like I’ve been caught in one these days. My cousin got married last Friday, in a lovely ceremony in Lake Geneva; so I had my parents visiting over a few days. (Unfortunately the Cardinals were in town playing the Cubs and I was surrounded by Cubs FANS)… humpf. Anyway it is always good to catch up with family and we had an opportunity to visit with (ironically) the Twin City branch (Aunt, uncle and cousins) and meet some nice folks who are friends of my cousin and his new wife. (the happy couple)
Then, with barely time to catch my breath Linda, Chris and I took an early flight Monday for a quick trip to St. Paul to meet with the fabulous staff of the Yarnery; to get tips on marketing and promotional ideas to help our shop grow. We also hit a couple of other shops while in MN to get some of the local flavor there and ideas about displays, etc. we also checked out some surrounding non yarn-related shops. There might have been one teeny-tiny yarn purchase on the trip (yarn we don’t carry and which might be hard to find for a while) Linda made me swear on a stack of alpaca that I wouldn’t knit with it at work…
(Malabrigo Silky Merino DK, colors Hyacint & Bahia)
We arrived home late Tuesday, tired, but with heads swimming with many ideas. I suspect things at the shop will get busy for me as I start working on some of the projects and ideas we’re planning.
Yesterday was laundry, recouperating and I think some knitting...
I made progress on a few projects while others are feeling neglected. I’ll try to get some knitting content up in the next post.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Might Have a “Startitis” If…

You are already working on this: (Top down t-shirt) And this: (Baby Bunting test-knit for shop)
(Oh, and let’s not forget the secret swap socks… with no pictures until they are mailed!)
But then you cast on for This:
And this: (hey teach)
And these: (August sock-a-month socks)
As well as complete 3 sewing projects; do you think?
Yes it has been sort of busy around here at Chez Nana. I’ve found plenty of things I want to knit and apparently am attempting to knit them all at once. It’s really not bad if you have a system. I knit on each project for half and hour to an hour depending on where I’m at in the pattern and then I take a break (or go to work or the store... or...) then, once the break is over I pick up a different project and work on it for a little while. It’s sort of like; um… I guess... time management! Hmmm, yeah, time management… yeah... sounds a lot better than startitis.
Oh, and just in case you’re thinking that I am incapable of finishing anything. I did actually finish these on Sunday. Pair # 2 of the Skinny Stripe socks. How many projects are you working on over there?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to this Post...

Before I get to the story, I need to announce the winner of the swallowtail color choice drawing...
And the winner is Lauren aka tskmstr from ravelry!
Congratulations and thanks to all who left a comment or pm'd me on raverly with your recommendation.

So, back to the story...
The drawing was done Thurdsay night as promised, but things went a little awry Friday and I spent most of the day at the VA hospital. Nothing serious, just one of those things were you go in not really knowing whether you have something serious or are just a little on the worry-wart end of the spectrum... and they keep you all day just to observe you and make sure they didn't miss anything on the first round (or second or third) round of blood tests, etc. It could have been worse and for that I am grateful. I was treated well by some very nice people and waited on hand and foot by a quartet of young navy corspman, fed three meals and not kept out too late, so I'm in the process of getting back to "normal" today and happy that it turned out that I am okay. I did have the presence of mind to bring my sock to work on, so the stripey sock is almost finished.

I got thru the shoulder shaping on the blue t-shirt, not much to look at this point, but I'll keep you posted!

Happy weekend and happy knitting!