Friday, August 22, 2008

Another FO!

Yeah, got the August socks done. Now I can devote more time to the T-shirt (hee, hee). Or maybe I'll be too busy at stitches tomorrow! I'm getting more antsy by the minute, can you tell?
So, you want to see a picture? Everyone at knit-night really loved this yarn. I can only tell you if you like the picture you would love them even more in person. I had to wait until the sun came back out today to take pictures and even then, it's hard to see all the colors. Here's a close up...
No fancy-pants pattern this time. Just some plain stockinette stitch socks to better show off the pretty yarn (and the whole pair) Koigu KPPPM (P126) knit with size 2.50 mm needles on 60 stitches; eye-of –partridge heel.
Happy Knitting!

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Happyplace. said...

Well. Of course. I should have known that was Koigu. They are lovely, Congrats! You are on a finishing spree!!!