Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diary of a Mad Knitter

Weds Morning Knit beginning of toe shaping for August socks (approx 2”) Weds Night Knit beginning of toe shaping for Secret Prayer Swap (SPS) socks (approx 1.5”) Thursday afternoon Think to self “August sock foot looks short” measure, try on, realize toe will be 1.5” too short, frog, reknit 1.5” before beginning of toe shaping, put away in disgrace. Take out SPS sock, think to self “this foot looks short, too” double check partner’s foot measurement info, gasp! Sock will be 2” too short, attempt to frog back to end of pattern without getting into pattern stitches. Frog one row too far, pick up stitches carefully, start knitting again in pattern, knit 6 rows of pattern, put away in disgrace. Stop to help prepare car for shipping to SD#2 (long story, don’t ask). Go to work. Thursday (after work) Knit additional pattern repeat begin toe shaping (again), finish toe, put aside and cast on for sock #2, finish ribbing and start pattern. Friday AM Sit in clinic waiting room for 2 plus hours with non-stop Olympic coverage of women’s gymnastic win and men’s swimming achievements. Read book; head hurts from lack of caffeine/repetitious Olympic babble. Finish book, bug receptionist about why-am-I-still waiting? Finally get called back to start test. Get injection, back to waiting room to wait for effects… pull out SPS sock, find difficult to knit because of headache, work a couple rounds, wait more, watch more Olympic coverage… finish test, go to lunch… get coffee finally! Friday afternoon Wait for hubby to finish work in quiet office with NO Olympic coverage. Headache finally subsided; work on SPS sock until time to leave. Stop by car lot on way home to review number’s one and two on short list. Discuss options; decide maybe need to test-drive number three. Friday PM Blue T-shirt calls out in sad, neglected voice from knitting basket work on it for a few rounds. Put aside to work on SPS socks. Watch really awesome finish to Cubs game, check in on Olympics, and go to bed Saturday (all day) Eat breakfast out at Wildberry's (pancakes Yum!); Look at more cars at different lots. Review prices of cars on short list. Stop and have coffee. Spend lots of time on decision making; work on SPS sock while discussing, think number three is best all around, but need to drive first, head out to finalize decision. Test drive car; this is the one. Do financials; work on SPS sock while waiting. Drive old car home while hubby drives new car home. Collapsed until after dinner. Saturday PM Finish up 3rd repeat on SPS sock, but stop knitting to watch Olympics – who can knit with competition like that? Sunday afternoon Church in the Park / softball – Have great fellowship time and picnic, pull out SPS Socks to knit; realize that it is time to start heel, but pattern is at home. Put aside, work on Blue T-shirt. Sunday evening Tired of SPS socks and Blue T-shirt, worked on ribbing of August socks (sock #2) Monday no knitting in morning or afternoon, need to do chores and get ready for work. Monday Evening (after work) Worked heel flap of SPS sock #2 Tuesday AM Realize haven't posted blog or taken pictures in almost a week, knitting progress is negligible, but inching forward. Hope to have pictures and finish something soon!

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