Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a Preview

The Secret Prayer Swap socks are done, but the swap isn’t officially finished until September 1st, so this is all I can show you right now:

(Bright!) The August socks are coming along nicely as well; I got past the heel and gussets last night and hope to finish these by tomorrow …

(it's a shame I couldn't get this picture to turn out better, these spirals are much prettier in person!) The Blue T-shirt is plodding along, and will probably end up being my take along project for Stitches on Saturday. That is unless I’m too busy shopping and meeting other knitters to knit! (LOL). Tonight is meet-up so who knows what I’ll get done there! Happy knitting!

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Happyplace. said...

OOOO, I'm drooling over those blue socks! Blue and purple, what's prettier than that?