Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Rumors Might Be True

There have been multiple UFO sightings in my neighborhood. First an apology: the pictures are what they are, the sun is most definitely not playing nice with the clouds this week!
A portion of one front of the “Hey Teach” is hovering on the needles… (The back is finished though)
The Spring Forward socks are limping to the finish line… The Swallowtail Shawl is still in pupae stages… Shop samples and projects are piling up... Class Socks Bye-Bye Baby Bunting (This is the same piece of knitting, just both the right and wrong sides so you can see how the colors contrast)
Newly cast on projects are cowering in the corner…. (Unbiased)
Along with a certain “course” I’m taking that hasn’t seen any progress in months And new patterns are arriving daily… (hourglass) (Milk Chocolate) Candy Apple Double Identity ... Sigh…
I can only knit so fast...
What’s a knitter to do?


Happyplace. said...

You must knit at the speed of sound!
Holy Moly!!! It's all lookin' good,and the colors of that baby bunting are outstanding!

KnitNana said...

Love the front and back contrast!! What pretty yarn, what IS it?