Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Update

So the knitting accomplishments for the weekend: Finished knitting left glove and completed right glove to start of knuckle cut-out for the “Driver” class sample pair. Class 2 on Thursday will hopefully get us to the finger knitting ... there's still a whole lot of ends to weave, but that's next week!
Completed class sock #1 to beginning of toe shaping, knitted sock #2 through gusset to prepare for final class tonight. The lesson portion is toe shaping and grafting. This should be a finished pair by tomorrow. The next sock class will be an advanced class and hopefully I’ll be able to get that sample started tomorrow or Wednesday. Knit a swatch for an adult size Santa Cruz hoodie which will be for DD #1. She asked me to knit her one last Christmas after seeing the one I did for Eli, maybe I’ll get it done before December. Although this will probably be the only “Christmas” knitting I do this year; unless, of course a few washcloths or something small like that slip off the needles. (no pic though, not much to look at)
Call me thrilled though, because I did also finish both books I’ve been reading. The one for our book club (last Tuesday) called “Hot Flashes and Cold Cream” by Diann Hunt. I wasn’t especially fond of this one. The central character overreacts completely to turning 50 and I found very little I could sympathize with in her drama. Maybe I’m just more practical than that. The second I enjoyed a great deal more; it was “I Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven” by Fannie Flagg (same author as Fried Green Tomatoes). The central character was much more fun and likeable and the story was just a pleasure to read. You just really wanted to see what sorts of things she came up with next. An interesting thing to note is that both books shared a common theme about living your life to the fullest and not worrying so much about little things. Both ended up having a good message, I just thought the delivery of the one was a little too superficial and predictable for my taste.

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