Friday, November 28, 2008


We had an out of town Thanksgiving dinner and got back late-ish last night.  Very low key but nice.  Just my parents and me and DH.  Everyone else was very busy with their own families and/or extended families.  We did get to talk with my girls (on the phone) after dinner and my dad and I won the spades tournament.  It was a very nice day indeed.  We are thankful for family far and near and for the bounties this year has brought.  I certainly didn't think a year ago that I would have done so much this past year.  I hope you all have much to be thankful for as well.  
 Oh, and Saucey is thankful for good news from the vet.  Her BS reading is down to 102 from previous 440 and weight is up 1 pound from when she was diagnosed.  We are going to work on her diet and keep her on the insulin for now, but the new goal is to get her off the insulin by getting her diet right. 
 Blessings to all. 

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