Friday, January 30, 2009

Care and Comfort

It seems that the cats need for lap time has increased significantly since my DH left for Alaska. I don’t know if it is coincidental or a direct result of his absence. Either way, they have been mostly orderly in taking turns. Saucey gets the AM time and Zelda the PM times. Having the cats “need” me in this way hasn’t hurt my feelings much (or my knitting). Basically it extends my knitting time to have a cat on my lap. I’m less able to jump up and go do something else like log on to the computer and play around on the internet (it cuts way down on snacking too!) or housework, or chores…. With the cold weather we’ve been having it has been kind of nice too, because having a cat on my lap works like a space heater. I get nice and toasty and it doesn’t cost any extra in utilities. So about my knitting . . . I’m nearly finished with the horseshoe cable sock, except for the unfortunate incident while waiting for the car to be serviced where I had to tink back 6 rounds because I couldn’t get my head around the fact that 16 is divisible by 4. But it’s all back on track and behaving better now. (I have about half of the foot left to do) After I finished the MIL sweater I cast on for my next sweater project. It is the “Knit it Down” sweater which I am nick-naming “Cover Girl.” The pattern is the one on the cover of the January 2008 issue of Creative Knitting and I’m actually knitting it not just in the yarn, but the same color as the designer used; which is extremely rare for me. I’ve waited nearly a year to knit this sweater even though I wanted to cast on for it the day I bought the magazine. (Okay, before I even got out of the parking lot of the book store). Basically, the delay was because I had to track down the yarn and then by the time I got the yarn, I had plenty of other projects and potential projects to do so this one got stuffed in the back of my stash. Now it feels like a reward. The yarn is so soft and nice to work with and the color is so pretty. I think this one will knit up really fast, too. So far I have gotten almost to the end of the yoke/shoulder shaping. (The picture is the first bit of knitting I did on it I've worked about 3 more inches since). Oh, and once my bangs get done growing out I will totally look like the model in the picture too (wink, wink). (Okay, maybe only in my mind I will). Oh, and I started to put together a care package for my DH, do you think he will need more than what’s in the box? (Have a great weekend)

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