Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Things

I finished the Cover Girl sweater! Only 3 days behind schedule… not bad! Pattern: Knit it Down, Creative Knitting, January 08 Needles: size 9 circular Yarn: Moda Dea Cartwheel in Ocean Fit: PERFECT.
The only modification I needed to make was to lengthen the sleeves about 2 " (after I snapped the pic) from the pattern instructions, otherwise I made it the way it was written.
Love, love, love this sweater. Hopefully Mr. Skilling will make good on his promise of some 30 degree weather in the near future.
The sweetheart socks (color collision) are coming along. Next though, I think I’ll finish that Loop Through Scarf that has been hanging around on the list for a while now. Then, I’ll cast on for…. Well, I’ll see what jumps up and down from the on deck bin!
I am finding it a little hard being by myself sometimes (take above photo as proof that some things are better with help). I’ve been missing my hubby a bit and even with a busy schedule, the house seems just a little too empty. I think the cats know this because they have been trying their very hardest to keep me company. They are rarely more than a room away at any given time. But mostly, they have been hanging out here: And pretty good about taking turns at it!

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Karen said...

Cute sweater. Love the snuggly cat too. K.C. has been glued to my lap all morning . . . it's like she knows I'm going away next week and looking for places to board her. :(