Thursday, March 12, 2009

I’m a Very Busy Knitter

I finished the Celtic Knotkins! I liked this pattern pretty well, but wanted to put my personal stamp on it. In addition to the picot edge, I also modified the heel and toe to use the more traditional style just because that’s what I prefer over the short row heel. I also did the eye of partridge version of the heel flap because I thought it would be pretty with this yarn. I like how these turned out. Pattern: Nutkin Sock; by Beth LaPensee Yarn: Knitivity Down Home Sock in Shamrock Size 2.75 dpn needles
These will be perfect to wear on St. Patty's day!
The Knit Out event is coming together; but it’s still a bit of a bumpy ride. I have a feeling that it’s going to keep me busy and make me crazy all the way down to the very end.
Somewhere during last week’s craziness, I succumbed to the siren call of some skeins of Poems I had sitting out in my work room, (I think they were there to be photographed, because they weren’t in my stash on ravelry) and cast on for a scarf. Here’s the result so far:
Triangle Scarf (pattern by Ginger Luters) Poems Worsted in colors 556 and 558.
This project barely escaped tragedy last night when Saucey unceremoniously deposited all of her (previously eaten) dinner on and near the ottoman that most of my knitting lives on. I was mid-row on Delve and trying to count (because I thought I missed a decrease) which is not a very good thing to be doing when the cat decides to explode very close to your knitting. I’m happy to report that having your various in-waiting WIPs safely tucked into knitting bags and baskets is a good thing. The bag got a little soiled and ended up in a nice luxurious soak after I rescued the safely contained knitting. WHEW! That was a close call… (Note to self; might need to re-think keeping knitting projects on and around ottoman)…So after a little initial yelling, a lot of cleaning and apologizing to the not-feeling-so-good cat, my knitting is safe … and I actually have the right number of stitches. I’m almost to the yoke part of the back so I need to re-read the pattern to figure out the shaping before I start the rest.
There’s also a new pair of socks in the works. I think I might have mentioned that we got the Poems sock yarn in the shop, and, I started a new class this week, so I needed some plain socks to work on for demonstration purposes… nobody said that they couldn’t be striped! I’m using both ends of one skein of Poems sock in color 958 to make the two row skinny stripes…so far …. I like!

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