Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Important Announcement

This website is being redesigned and will be debuting on April 13th, 2009 as “Papa and the Cubs” content will include detailed play-by-play analysis of every Cubs baseball game home and away. Highlights will include but not be limited to commiseration with fellow Cubs fans when one or more of the following occurs: · Inexplicable seventh inning collapse after leading the previous six innings · Inexplicable use of closer who cannot find plate in must-win game · One or more runs scored due to pitcher / fielding error combinations in should-win games · Anytime, Lou Pinella, Carlos Zambrano, or any Cubs catcher is thrown out of the game for kicking, spitting, name-calling or hitting another coach, player or game official Additional topics will include: · Rumors and scandals involving current and past Cubs players, managers, coaches, owners and Illinois state officials · Debates over lead-off hitter and general line-up problems · Details of potential trades, up-and-coming farm team players and status of pitchers on injured reserve · Open forum on Jeff Smaradzija’s hairstyle Stay tuned as we develop this new and exciting site! (Just kidding…!) Hope you got to do something foolish today (Regular knitting and Kitty content will return soon)

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