Thursday, April 16, 2009

Knitting And Not Knitting

I have been busy! Some knitting has been done, but mostly I’ve been finalizing the details for the North Suburban Knit Out this Saturday. Wow, I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I’m really excited about the schedule we put together and hope that we have a great turn-out. If you’re curious about it, go here. If you live in the area, come and join us! As far as the knitting goes, I needed to do up a few quick baby things; so far I finished another Blanket Buddy (pattern from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders) / Velvet Touch Yarn.
and a Last-Minute Sweater (my pattern - this is actually the "test knit" and it's a good thing I kept my original notes, because I found a few errors in the pattern I had typed up!) Knitpicks Shine Worsted in Grass. These are both for members of my church who are due very soon. I’m working on one more Last-Minute Sweater for a knitting friend. I need to finish it soon, because I’ll miss one of the May meet-ups and she may have her little one before the other one!
Before I started those, I finished the Falling Leaves socks!
They turned out pretty well. I decided to try the afterthought heels after all. I guess they didn’t turn out too bad for my first go at it. I’m not sure that I love the technique, but having done it at least I understand how it works now. I can also see why it could be useful in some patterns. Here they are: Falling Leaves Socks by Angela Kreutser an exclusive pattern from A Swell Yarn Shop, done in XXL Duet Sock Yarn. The pattern and yarn was a gift from a swap I did last year. The only pattern modification I mad was to the length of the leg. DD#2 wanted the shorter leg (thankfully) and not the knee-sock length the pattern is written for.
I’m also still plugging away on the Delve front and should hopefully get into the lace pattern today or tonight.

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Nat Red Knits said...

The knitout sounds fun- I wish I could make it, but as usual I have to work the weekend.

Falling leaves is toe up right? I just could not get into the whole toe up thing, I am not digging the heels.
I love the Woobie! (thats what we call them) and the sweater is adorable!