Monday, July 27, 2009

As Promised ...

I finished the cotton version of the Diamond Delight Vest. I give you Lakeshore:

Pattern: Diamond Delight Vest by Maureen Mason-Jamieson Yarn: Rowan Pima Cotton DK, colors; Blue Wash, Millet, Citronella, Bulrush, Skipper, Pampas, and Bran Size 5 and 3 needles (circular) This is the second time I’ve knit this pattern. I would definitely not recommend this as a project to be done in cotton. The miters and frequent color changes mean that there are tons of little ends to be woven in. I suspect I will be fighting the ends every time that this is washed in the future. (Not to mention what knitting 3 different projects in cotton simultaneously does to your hands) I love the way it turned out, but this is really a project to do in wool or other animal fibers if you like your woven-in ends to stay secure.

I’ve also been working on quickie shop sample which has diverted my attention this weekend from the baby blanket and other socks I have been knitting, but you know, when the boss asks, sometimes you really do drop everything and do what she wants. The pattern is the new Knitty Surprise pattern called Sunday Swing.

It is written to be knit in four different sizes and I found the pattern completely easy to memorize which makes knitting it pretty quick. The yarn is Footcrazy from Samantha in Stitches yarn a local dyer that we have begun carrying at the shop. Her color selections are wonderful. This color is called Gemtastic. That’s about all right now; there are a lot of fun things coming up this week so hopefully I’ll have a more to write about then. Happy Knitting! Nana

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What’s Happening At Nana’s?

Each day that I put off posting the size of this post has grown. So, instead of making this a really wordy post, I decided to make it pictorial instead, so if your browser is slow, be patient…I had lots of pics on the camera, so I know I’ve been busy. Here’s a quick look at some of the things I’ve been up to:
I knit another octagon: And then started a heptagon? OOPs do you hear amphibians...
Sherry and I went to the Midwest Fiber & Folk Festival. I Did some knitting, bought some stuff, tried fried twinkies and fried milkyway bars, and found the best gift for my new granddaughter:

On Sunday, my brother and niece arrived at the downtown train station, so I went downtown and picked them up, I had a little extra time since the train was delayed, so I checked out some city sites, couldn't resist this shot of the "new" Willis tower (so touristy):

I started a new pair of socks (name that yarn!):
And am nearly finished with the vest (working on front band today):
If time cooperates over the weekend, I'll try to write a decent post about the acquisitions from the festival and my new sock, and hopefully there will be a finished shot of the vest.
Happy Knitting!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Shape of Things to Come

Well my knitting is starting to “shape” up. I finished one Octagon and two squares for baby Sylvia’s blanket. The Sprout yarn is so soft and cuddly, but it is a beast to knit with! Thank goodness the shapes are knitted with alternating decrease rounds (it goes faster as I go). Here’s a peek: There will be more colors added before it’s done, but it’s a start! I also finished the back on the vest and started one of the fronts, no hurry on this project, but I’m to the point where I’m ready to have it off the needles! (no pics) And, last but not least, I finished the blue anklets, so I have at least one pair of socks knit for July (and a finished project to show)… see! Pattern: striped version of a basic sock pattern Yarn: Panda cotton in colors 2302/Baby Blues and 0511/Deep Water Size 2.5 mm needles (dpn)
I expect this to be a sort of busy week. Linda has gone off on a much deserved vacation and left me as lead at the shop during her absence. Most of the time we work together to take care of things, so that’s not too big of a deal, I just need to stay in communication with everybody.
There also will be a little extra cleaning and staying on top of housework because my big brother and niece are coming to visit on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to the visit.
Well, that’s what I’ve been up to… Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Am Loved

Seven years ago today I had the great fortune to marry a wonderful man. Since we couldn't celebrate together today, he sent this:(some close ups of the individual blooms)
I am very loved by a good man. I miss him a great deal. Hurry home honey!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Or as Elizabeth Zimmerman refers to it in the Knitter's Almanac …”sheer fiddle-faddle” basically little bit’s of knitting done without a pattern or reference library, just for the joy of creating. When I had made what I deemed sufficient progress on my vest…

(I've actually knit about 5 more inches since I took this pic) I knit these just for a change of project and pace: (yes; I wrote down the "pattern" )

They will eventually (with some additional embellishments) become something like these:

Nice little doodads which attach to a bag or basket so that I can distinguish that object as belonging to me and me alone. Just some fun happy knitting to get me over a hump.

I hope you knit yourself something fun ... have a happy week!