Monday, July 27, 2009

As Promised ...

I finished the cotton version of the Diamond Delight Vest. I give you Lakeshore:

Pattern: Diamond Delight Vest by Maureen Mason-Jamieson Yarn: Rowan Pima Cotton DK, colors; Blue Wash, Millet, Citronella, Bulrush, Skipper, Pampas, and Bran Size 5 and 3 needles (circular) This is the second time I’ve knit this pattern. I would definitely not recommend this as a project to be done in cotton. The miters and frequent color changes mean that there are tons of little ends to be woven in. I suspect I will be fighting the ends every time that this is washed in the future. (Not to mention what knitting 3 different projects in cotton simultaneously does to your hands) I love the way it turned out, but this is really a project to do in wool or other animal fibers if you like your woven-in ends to stay secure.

I’ve also been working on quickie shop sample which has diverted my attention this weekend from the baby blanket and other socks I have been knitting, but you know, when the boss asks, sometimes you really do drop everything and do what she wants. The pattern is the new Knitty Surprise pattern called Sunday Swing.

It is written to be knit in four different sizes and I found the pattern completely easy to memorize which makes knitting it pretty quick. The yarn is Footcrazy from Samantha in Stitches yarn a local dyer that we have begun carrying at the shop. Her color selections are wonderful. This color is called Gemtastic. That’s about all right now; there are a lot of fun things coming up this week so hopefully I’ll have a more to write about then. Happy Knitting! Nana

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