Sunday, October 11, 2009

From the Crab Hole

Although I do have some knitting projects to share and report progress on, today I’m taking a little diversion with the post.  (I promise there will be knitting soon!)

Fall is a rough season for me and I’ve been suffering the full effects for a couple of weeks.  Between my allergies and the diminishing daylight, I sort of get to a bad place physically and emotionally and really have to struggle to do whatever it is I need to do each day.  If you will, it is a time when I really feel the pull of my full crab nature and crawl into a hidey-hole until I can get past whatever is afflicting me. 

While I was doing some tidying up in my craft room / office I came across some old papers that I had squirreled away and remembered something really important about myself.  I used to have aspirations of becoming a writer.  And reading through some of the old exercises I had saved, I really am sort of good when I make the effort.  I also used to write a lot of poetry.  I still jot them down from time to time, but not as often as I used to. Maybe it’s not world class stuff; but it is certainly good enough to prove that I am someone with my own voice and a point of view.   At one point I tried to get published, but was rejected by a pretty prestigious editor and let that discourage me. Then, I sort of abandoned writing when I went through a rough patch a few years back.  Eventually, I started blogging and participating in the world of social networking and I’m not sure if anyone actually writes poetry anymore. Or do they?  But, now I remembered something else… self publishing.  So I decided today that I might just throw out some poetry here and there between the knitting posts and see if anyone notices.  If you like it, leave a comment, if you don’t … leave a nice comment (something constructive).  But mostly remember it’s what is in my mind and heart and expresses my point of view from where I’m at when I write it.  No hidden agendas or tricky metaphors.  So here goes:

Too Much

I can not see you today
And thus
There is too much myself
Too much, much
Too many ways to say
Why or why not
And too many hours to cry
I am not
Where you are and not here
And when you come back
Will I still be?



SciFiTVFanGirl said...

*hugs* So glad to see you writing again! I need to get back into that as well. *sigh*

Absolutely loved your poem.

Marguerite said...

THe poem touches my heart. I'm looking forward to feeling more of your poetry.

Know what you mean about fall. My summer was stressful and pretty awful as two humans I love and a dog I love got critically sick, one after the other. They are OK for now, but I really need to go crawl in a hole for a month and recover my inner peace. It's a frequent fantasy of mine.