Monday, October 19, 2009

Tuesday’s Problem

Remember the vest I’ve been promising to finish and show off?  It’s going to be a while.  In a very play-off result type parallel I rallied to get it going again this weekend. I redid the bottom band and was quite happy with the result.  Then I started to pick up the recalculated number of stitches on the front I got through the left front very nicely, worked across the neck where there was no change and started down the right front. Things were not going well.  I ripped, picked up, ripped, picked up; put it down, smoothed it out, paused; LOOKED and oh (insert your favorite swear word here)!  I discovered that at some point I had made a mistake in the pattern repeat and had left out about 5 rows!

No wonder the thing was giving me so much trouble.  Needless to say I feel a bit like the Cardinals, Twins and Red Sox right now, swept and out of the series.  For such a relatively simple pattern, this thing is kicking my knitter’s butt. 

I did progress on the bubble socks and if not for trying to finish the vest would have finished the pair this weekend. 

So, you now know what I will be doing on my day off tomorrow. 

Happy Knitting and I hope your projects behave better than mine!


1 comment:

Marguerite said...

Sympathy on the vest. It's going to be nice when you get it done, unless you're so sick of it you can't stand to look at it.

The socks are eye-popping. In a good way. Love them.