Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it Just Me?

Or does it seem like there have been as many unexpected results in the Olympics this year as expected ones.  We’ve seen a lot of ups and downs (and some really scary crashes too!)  Being a competitor in the Knitting Olympics is starting to make me feel like I’m right there in Vancouver with them all.

I got a quick start on my “Olympic run” when I quickly finished off the white anklets (see)

A little motivation goes a long way towards combating boredom!

But my early showing was just a flash in the pan …. I finished two chart repeats of the lace pattern on the smoke ring and realized that there was something very awry with what I was looking at.  Namely at some point in my wrestling match with the one long circular I was using (since I didn’t have a smaller circular in the needed size – imagine that! And actually we were traveling last weekend) I had managed to flip the knitting inside out and start the next repeat going in the wrong direction.  A rookie mistake to be sure!  After much agonizing and then some frogging and a little yarn breakage, I have gotten it restarted and it is back on track. I’m a little further behind than I had hoped at this point.  Here’s a picture I took before the mishap.

My sweater project is about where I want it to be, but I'm a little worried that I might have overestimated my ability to finish it by the end of the Olympics … we’ll see.   I didn't take a picture, but imagine that the fronts and back are divided and the back is done.  I had hoped to work the fronts simultaneously, but that might be a little too complicated, so, I'll keep working at it and hope for the best. Who knows, I could make a heroic comeback effort. As we've seen in the 2010 games, anything can happen!

In other non-Olympic knitting, I also finished the 3, 2, 1 Stripe socks before we left for our trip so I’d have one less thing to distract me during my Olympic quest. 

I really am happy with the way they turned out, and impressed with how well I gauged the amount of yarn I needed to do these.  I ended up with about a 12" piece of leftover yarn in one color and less than 5" in the other (cutting it very close), I'll be taking a break from the Noro for a little while, but some recent stash enhancement might have replenished a couple skeins, I'll be dreaming up new things to do in the meantime. 

Speedy Knitting!


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