Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Right Along

Well, I just need to say that March was a not-so-great month and April is already shaky. Our family has been experiencing some ups and downs. We made one trip to Des Moines together and hubby is back there again this week assisting his Mom after she had surgery. Adding to the stress, his sister recently delivered twin boys at 29 weeks gestation meaning they are still both in the hospital. Both boys are doing well and making progress as expected, but will probably be there a bit longer. His sister was on bed rest in very bad condition prior to the delivery. She is doing very well now but is very busy going back and forth with the babies and returning to work until the babies are released. So that’s all been very distracting for both hubby and I.

I did manage to get a little knitting done here and there; I think I’ve fallen behind my imaginary schedule though.

I finished the Blue Pukas sweater and am very happy with the outcome. You’ll have to take my word for it though because my computer is refusing to have anything to do with my camera. (so any pictures in this post are old).

I have two pair of socks on the needles, the Forget Me Knots and the Rivendel socks. I’ve turned the heel on the 1st Forget Me Knot, and am almost done with the second Rivendel sock.

 The pattern/yarn combination for the Rivendels is not quite what I expected but it is quite interesting. I started these the week we took the first trip to IA. The colors of the yarn matched the colors of the landscape along I-80 perfectly the day we traveled there. . (I obviously ignored the rules according to this
But fortunately we had a little rain and a little sun before we returned from the trip and it is amazing the difference two days can make, what had been very dry, brown, grey and dead looking started to green up around the edges and was beginning to look like spring might be on the verge.

Oh and remember the vest? I frogged it after I consulted a few knitting friends and the consensus was that it was bad and therefore needed to be ripped and re-knit. Well, I frogged it on Thursday and a new issue of Creative Knitting hit my mail box on Friday… guess what! There was a pattern for a really nice sweater that is really more my style anyway; a sweater pattern that calls for Terra yarn (Vines and Leaves Cardigan).

Yup! I cast on and started that as soon as I could. The project is much happier as a lace sweater!

Happy Knitting!



KnitTech said...

You've accomplished quite a bit with life throwing some distracting stuff your way. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

KnitNana said...

I hope things settle down some and that everyone does well!!!

I'll be thinking of you!