Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trivial Thursday

1.  My DH had surgery a week ago; we have had a lot of down-time with his recuperation.  Funny, I haven’t done as much knitting as I hoped.

2.  I knit the entire leg of a sock and then decided my gauge was off, am halfway done reknitting it.

3.  I actually like living in Iowa better than I thought I would

4.  There was a corn-box at the Covered Bridge festival… this amused me greatly.
5.  There were also Alpaca… always a good thing at any festival


6.  There was also yarn… I caved and bought this because of the name of the Alpaca it came from…  (It’s always a good thing to know who your fiber is from).
 (C&M Allison)
7.  My parents had a great trip to Ireland and are safely back home.  They are coming to visit next week, and hopefully will bring pictures.

8.  I have my craft area set up completely now and can find what I need.  I guess it’s time to make the kitchen curtains.

9.  John Wayne was born in Winterset Iowa (home of the Covered Bridge festival).

Happy Knitting,



Lynn said...

Winterset Iowa is also where Fons and Porter are from!!!

jeanhal said...

Glad things are working out there in Iowa. But Go Badgers this weekend. Maybe you can teach DH to knit during his recovery. Or would that men he would stash dive? And, of course it's good to know your fiber source. Why do you think there are 16 of them in my yard? Happy Autumn.