Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Made to Match

I am sort of an eclectic personality when it comes to personal style and decorating, so I rarely ever deliberately try to get things to match perfectly,  but recently I felt the need to do a few matchy-matchy projects:

My Nephew is getting married this coming weekend.  I needed a new dress for the wedding, but the only nice dresses I could find were sleeveless ones, so I decided I could knit a quick shawl to go with it in case (as it usually is) the air condition was set to artic-blast and/or the weather chose to be a little less than summer-wear friendly in the Northwest region.  So I dug around in my stash and found some lovely yarn that worked with the colors of my dress.... then I looked around for a pattern.  Initially I was going to knit this but decided the initial lace pattern might be too deep for the quantity of darker yarn I had.  Then Wendy decided to do a summer shawl KAL... I wasn't sure about doing another mystery project on top of the ones I already had going, but by the time I wrapped  up those two and had empty needles waiting, she was already up to clue #3.   One of the knitters in the Friday afternoon group at the shop was working on this KAL and I had seen her shawl in progress.  I checked out the pattern and the stitch count + row numbers seemed doable for me, so I cast on fearlessly.  I breezed through the clues like nobody's business knitting at a very Wendy-esque speed.  By the time I had worked my way through the last row of clue #3, the final clue was up and I whipped through it in record time (for me anyway).  I love the finished shawl... and I think it really does go nicely with my dress:

Finished Shawl
I think these colors match nicely

Project Notes:
Pattern: Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawlette
Yarn: Maggiknits Linen (which knits like a dream) in blue & turquoise
Size nine needles / CO 30 May BO 2 Jun (crazy!)

 Since I never don't have socks on the needles I usually have a back-up pair going to the ones I'm knitting for my challenges.  I cast these on mainly to have something to work on with the ladies in the Friday afternoon group until we pick the next KAL pattern.  I had used some of this yarn for my two-at-a-time toe up class sample which ended up becoming footie socks because frankly the plain stockinette just seemed too boring to go on.   I suspected I'd have been happier doing stripes while I was working on these, but you know, two at a time 2 balls x 2 ends? Crazy, right?!  There seemed to be enough left for anklets.  And I had planned on knitting a couple of pair of cotton (blend) anklets to wear while I'm in Portland anyway.  Once I got thru the foot of the first sock and almost ready to start the toe; I started to get a little worried about whether I had enough yarn (I had some odd ends from the first pair, but didn't want the extra weaving-in).  So I did the unthinkable... YUP! I cast on sock number two from the other ends of each ball (see above) and proceeded.  I knit till I got to the same point on sock #2 and determined I had plenty of yarn left for both toes.  Oh well, best laid plans and all. Oh, and bonus! They go pretty well with my walking shoes.
A match made by Noro

Project notes:
Pattern: my basic sock
Yarn: Noro Taiyo Sock (cotton / silk blend)
Size 2.25 dpn 

Now I'm off to see what else I can get knit :)

Happy knitting!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Parade of FO's in No Particular orderI

I Feel Pretty Socks

Momma & Baby Hedgehogs

Toe Up Footies (Class project)

Satchel (class project)

Strawberry Season (May Mystery Shawl)

Summer Shawlette (before blocking)

Artichoke Socks (May Mystery KAL)

Desert Vest (Shop KAL)

Lacey Summer Tank (Class Project)            

  Blogger and flickr are not playing nice right now, so this is all I can offer today.  Saucey has decreed (in her Royal opinion) that we will not end the blog anytime soon.  I think she may be working on some sort of manifesto....