Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There is a Process

2013 has been every bit as challenging as 2012 was so far.  The good news is that I am still knitting, still designing and trying to keep the channels of creation open at every opportunity.

That means that while I am always doing something, there are many things I am also not doing.  So goes the cycle. 

Regardless, I am trying to improve and keep at the things I love. 

Here is a peek at a couple of designs that I am currently working on:
Thrill RIde Socks

McClean County Socks

The pattern draft is completed and test-knitting is underway for the Thrill Ride socks pattern.  I am doing final edits and will request test knitters for McClean County once the draft is ready.

While I love designing, I do find the "administrative" tasks of creating patterns to be somewhat of a challenge.  I wish there was a way to just think these patterns into existence.  This task is somewhat complicated by my very ancient PC which is desperately in need of replacing and my own personal limitations.  But I digress... I do muddle through the best I can.

I also have a Infinity scarf/cowl pattern that I may or may not get finalized and ready for publication.  I think it is quite pretty, but again, the technical side of creating the pattern is tripping me up at the moment. 

Meanwhile, the cats are keeping a close eye on my every movement...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In the Zone

Although I have a sufficient amount of technological know-how to survive in day-to-day life, there are still a few things I just can’t quite manage to figure out.  Like the vision I have for this blog and bending blogger to my will. 

This blog is sort of in limbo while I figure out exactly how and what I want it to represent. 

Meanwhile, I have been busy knitting, designing, knitting, organizing test knitting, doing some random writing and knitting.  I wish my life was more interesting sometimes, but basically it is not. 

Because of my less than reportable life, I have also been suffering from a serious case of poor-poor-pitiful-me.  That is soon to be remedied with a visit to Florida.  I find there is nothing quite as soothing and restorative for me than to sit on a beach and watch the waves go in and out. (hopefully I will return full of fresh energy and inspiration)

So while I wait for my test knitters to knit,  and draft the final version of the patterns, I’ll continue working on my personal sock club challenges, my sock knitters’ anonymous challenges and other random projects from my queue.  Maybe someday I will even post a picture or two somewhere besides Ravelry.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this shot that I captured of the Great Sunnypatch Standoff of 2012. 

Even if you saw it first, I want it

Happy Knitting,