Monday, April 28, 2014


I don't care to write the kind of posts where a blogger gets on and discusses all the reasons for not posting more often, etc, etc. but I am making an exception today because (ahem, cough, cough), I was trying to update my google password (a nightmare in and of itself) and I noticed that the one year anniversary of my last post is coming up this week.  Gulp!

There are MANY reasons of both blame and shame for that situation to have occurred.  I won't even begin to enumerate them.

The biggest and most prevalent of them all is that I simply don't know what to do with this blog anymore. 

It's not really a knitting blog, and I am not the sort of person who just gets on the internet to share intimate or trivial (or both) details of my life in an unending cycle of drivel.  I'm also not made of the stuff that creates profound or meaningful content for a large and devoted, or a small but dedicated group of followers.

What I am in a nutshell is boring.  Bored and boring.  I can't think up content to save my life and I don't really have that much going on in my life to draw from.

It's sort of a shame really.

Excuse me if if this is sounding like too much of a rant.

I wish I could be sparkly and witty and creative and have unending sources of wisdom to share, but the reality is that I don't and I have a terrible camera and little to no photography skills to create stunning pictures of my average knitting projects.  I've designed one more project since the last two I shared and I really don't think that it was all that exciting.

So there it is. If I don't come up with a new idea soon, the only reason that this blog will continue to exist is because I don't have any other way to link my patterns to Ravelry.

Maybe I'll think up something soon....

Meanwhile, you know all those socks I'm always knitting? I started something with the leftovers....
This will be my epic 2014 knitting project:

Sock Yarn Blankie, project name: String of Pearls