Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well, Well, Well

The Cardinals are in World Series!

Despite being distracted by all of the exciting playoff action the past couple of weeks, I've been carrying on with my knitting, just have a look:

The end of several projects…. 
The mystery sock selection for Sept, I was happy to finish these, but am considering frogging the cuff and redoing just plain ribbing of some sort.  They are super floppy and I just don't like that. 
Watercress Socks

This is a little pattern I whipped up for the class I'm teaching at the library.  I needed something simple but with a stitch pattern and a couple of teaching techniques.  The pattern is available here under the "My Designs" tab.
Sumptious Neck Snuggler
Hubby's cousin is having a baby, so he asked if I would knit up a little gift; there's also a hat to match, but the picture isn't good: 
Baby Surprise Jacket
 The long planned and promised dress for my Granddaughter.  This pattern was published in the fall issue of Knitters (last year) and I knew I wanted to make it, it just took a long while for all of the elements (yarn, time, motivation) to come together and git it done, but it is now and on it's way to her with t-shirts and leggings to (more or less) match.  (Whole other rant... Please tell your local retailer that little girls can wear colors other than pink or purple 'k?)
Dress for S
 My September SKA Challenge socks (project named aptly "Falling Behind").  I loved the Mountain Colors Crazyfoot yarn I used for these.  The pattern was okay, but got a little tedious with all of the slipped stitches.
Nornir Socks
Finally, my personal sock club selection for October; the reason all of my knitting felt so slow lately.  The Bayerische socks.  This pattern put me through the wringer... the really sad part is I loved every minute of knitting this.  SHHH... don't tell the Lake County Knitters who really hated it.  Yes it is complex and demanded my full attention, but wow, who can actually hate socks that turn out like this?
Bayerische Socks
I've still got a few things on my needles, but that is (hopefully) another post.

Happy Knitting,